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Folktales from the history of computing

A talk series unpacking early personal computing.

Where did today’s model of personal computing come from?

What about the folktales of the heroic creators of milestone devices: what did they really achieve? Do they deserve the credit?

What hidden values are embedded in the technology we still use today... and what effect does this have on us?

What about the roads not taken?

This talk series blends history and speculation to unpack the history and pre-history of computing, in order to build our own perspectives on what computing is and what it does to us... and what it could be instead.

I’ve given this 3 part series five times.

  • For the design programme at AHO (the Oslo School of Architecture and Design) each year 2021–2024.
  • Virtually at the Tweakers in 2021, over three successive evenings at the conference. The talks were rated 9.4/9.8/9.8 in post-event feedback.

The slide overview shows the AHO cut.